Barbeque Rosemary Herb Grow Kit

Barbeque Rosemary Herb Grow Kit

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Beautiful Barbeque Rosemary Herb kit. This easy-to-grow rosemary cultivar comes with 10oz of fast-draining soil in a rustic 3” x 6” hand sown, water resistant craft paper pot.

Barbeque rosemary is known for its aromatic scent and straight stalks that are perfect for your next cookout.

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The Details

This herb kit is part of our new RUSTICA collection — carefully curated herbs designed for minimal watering and become staples of your garden.

Each kit comes with:

  • A barbeque rosemary starter plant.

  • A beautiful 3” x 6” water resistant craft paper container

  • 10oz of specially formulated, fast-draining soil

  • A care instruction card

About Barbeque Rosemary

Barbeque Rosemary is considered a staple herb in any garden. One of the most widely used culinary herbs, rosemary grows easily with minimal care and grows into an attractive shrub.

Like many herbs, rosemary grows best when forgotten. Place your rosemary in full sun or in a sunny, southern facing window and water sparingly (rosemary does not enjoy soggy roots).