Charentais Melon Seedlings - Two Seedlings

Charentais Melon Seedlings - Two Seedlings

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A classic and well-known French revision to the cantaloupe developed in the 1920s with a more flavorful and fragment taste. Called the “dream cantaloupe “ by Saveur who said even newer varieties cannot match Charentais’ aroma and flavor.

Sold in a 2.5” biodegradable pots that are ready for late spring or early summer planting. Produces fruit in 80-90 days.

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The Details

Unlike most of our other melons, Charentais is actually well known. Developed some time in the 1920s, Charentais has been one of the most popular cantaloupes ever developed.

Charentais does have one issue though: it cracks easily. Like some of our other melons, this means it’s avoided commercialization. New cultivars have been developed to remedy this and for disease resistance, but most aficionados prefer the flavor of the original variety.

How To Grow Them

Charentais melons are a staple of Summer gardening. Cantaloupe like warm weather and full sun. Plan to keep the plants irrigated and sufficiently moist, without water logging them. Vines can stretch up to nearly 10 feet, so allocate enough space for them to stretch out.

Many choose to grow Charentais melons on a trellis, which has the effect of both saving space in your garden and making harvesting easier.


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