Boule d'Or (Golden Perfection) Melon

Boule d'Or (Golden Perfection) Melon

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Boule d'Or Melon is a classic French honeydew type melon. Also called "Golden Perfection” this is a hardy heirloom melon that leans more towards light and tropical flavors. While not rare, this melon is considered difficult to find in markets.

Sold in a 2.5” biodegradable pots that are ready for late spring or early summer planting. Produces fruit in 95-105 days.

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The Details

Boule D'Or Melon was originally introduced in 1885 in Vilmorin—a French seed producer that was established in 1743. Golden Perfection tends to lean towards sweeter and more tropical flavors that your average honeydew. This cultivar has been a favorite in numerous gardens due to its intrinsic disease resistance and sufficiently thick rind that helps this melon avoid cracking.

How To Grow Them

Golden Perfection melons follow patterns typical of your honeydew or cantaloupe melons: full sun and good irrigation. Plant after any concern over frost has past since this variety enjoys warm soil and hot weather.


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