Longevity Spinach Plant (Gynura procumbens)

Longevity Spinach Plant (Gynura procumbens)

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Longevity Spinach is a perennial that comes from Southeast Asia and is associated with many research-backed health benefits. The leaves can be put into smoothies, teas, salads, and sandwiches and any place where you want powerful green-packed superfood.

This is sold in a 3” biodegradable container ready for transplanting directly into your garden.

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Gynura Procumbens

This is a low growing plant that is called “Longevity Spinach” due to it’s numerous health benefits. The purported health benefits include:

  • Regulation of blood sugar levels

  • Regulation of blood pressure

  • Lowering cholesterol

  • Anti-viral and anti-cancer properties

Growing Longevity Spinach

Longevity spinach is a relatively easy grower and seems to love humidity and heat. Rich soil and full sun are the keys to making your spinach happy.

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