Spanish Mint Live Plant

Spanish Mint Live Plant

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Bright and refreshing Metha spicata ‘Spanish’. Aromatic with a strong spearmint flavor that is perfect for a summer time cocktail or tea. Our experience is that this is more aromatic than other mint cultivars, while being just as hardy for colder weather. Produces pale purple flowers in late summer and early fall.

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How To Use It

Most mints grow fast and Spanish mint is no exception. We like this in a range of cocktails (e.g. Mint Juleps) or mocktails (think of something simple as club soda, ice, and mint). Mint is also used in a variety of Italian, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines.

How To Grow It

This is truly and herb for those that worry about killing herbs. Plant this your favorite container and plant for it to thrive in partial shade. Stick with the rule for all mints: do not plant this in any type of garden or raised bed because it will aggressively take over. Cold hardy from Zone 4-11, this mint will be staple of your herb garden for year to come.