Yamato Creme Watermelon Seedlings - Two Seedlings

Yamato Creme Watermelon Seedlings - Two Seedlings

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An hedonistic variety of watermelon from Nara Prefecture in Japan. Complex flavors with notes of citrus and pear along with a warm crème coloring make this a unique cultivar to grow.

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The Details

Yamato creme is considered a personal melon and typically grows produces fruit under 6lbs. This watermelon is quick to mature, but has avoided commercialization because of it’s easily cracked rind. Bad for shipping, but excellent for your backyard.

How To Grow Them

Yamato creme follow the rules of most watermelons: full sun, rich soil, and plentiful irrigation. Plan to provide the plants space to produce vines that easily expand beyond 10’ for best results.

Background of Yamato Creme Watermelon

Yamato creme was a famed improvement of Mr. Takeshi Kanda during his time at the Agricultural Research Station in Nara Prefecture in 1927. While helping to breed a number of hybrid breeds of watermelon, Takeshi Kanda was credited with creating guidelines that greatly assisted watermelon farmers:

Mr. Kanda developed an effective seed production plan and quickly put it into practical use, thereby providing great benefits to watermelon farmers of the time. I must also add that the practical applications of his work with F1 hybrids were highly valued in other spheres of horticulture and breeding.”

This legacy continues today with this watermelon winning in Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds 2018 taste test at the National Heirloom Exposition.

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