Our Story

Textbook Plantery is a tiny nursery in Durham specializing in off-the-beaten track herbs and plants that delight. Textbook cultivates plants from far-off regions to remind us of the joy of traveling to new places and locales. Matthew Deal started Textbook in 2017. While he loves plants, he is not considered an expert in agricultural matters.

The Name

Matthew named his nursery Textbook, inspired by the idea of a nursery centered around herbs and other thing that were easy to grow—and would be easy to take care of. “It’ll be textbook,” Matthew said, recalling his astonishment at the first time he was able to get a plant to grow. The name Textbook was also inspired by Matthew’s love of history, especially the old botanical illustrations that reminded him of adventure, travel, and the inevitable march of time that promises to consume our ashes.

Meet The Maker

I’m not a farmer, but rather a digital marketing strategist by trade. Along with consulting for small businesses, I work as a brand and marketing experts (read my latest thoughts on the marketing on MatthewDeal.com.

I’m married to the most beautiful and talented gal in the world, Kelley Deal, who is the exclusive professional photographer for Textbook (one of the perks of marriage). She takes amazing wedding and family photos, which can be seen at Kelley Deal Photography.

In addition to having the best wife, I also have the best dog, Georgia. She is a Great Dane mix who enjoys destroying whatever plants she can get her paws on.

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