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The Difference



We’re not big food service company with thousands of warehouses sourcing produce from where ever we can get it. Instead, Textbook is a small, Durham-based small batch grower that focuses on creating the most flavorful and superior basil in North Carolina with minimal environmental impact.


Start with the Heirloom

Textbook Plantery exclusively produces the ‘Genovese’ cultivar of ocimum basilcum. Our basil plant stock was source directly from Genoa, Italy and is considered the proper basil cultivar needed to produce authentic Italian favorites like pesto and caprese salads.

A cultivar of ‘sweet basil’, this is a staple of any kitchen or bar and is versatile enough to work in a number of applications. Always non-genetically modified, our basil is direct-sown ensuring diversity in our plant stock.

Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese'

Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese'


The Promise




Textbook’s hydroponic production uses 80% less water and 50% less land than field-grown basil, and we use the latest energy-efficient lighting to minimize electricity.


Plate Perfect

Grown indoors under exact controls for water, temperature, and humidity means our basil is the what you expect: rounded, semi-glossy leaves that pop with as much color as they do flavor.



Demanding Flavors

From the pH level of our solution to the parts per million of nitrogen, everything we do is designed to bring you the best basil has to offer: a flavor ripe with mint, clove, pepper, citrus and more.



Fresh (No Really)

Organic compounds begin to degrade as soon as basil is cut; this means fresher basil simply tastes better. Our basil is cut, from the live plant, bagged, and delivered to you. No warehouses or middlemen.


Experience The Difference