Quality, year-around fresh basil for your restaurant.

Textbook Plantery offers a hydroponic basil for local food trucks and restaurants in Durham. We currently exclusively grow 'Genovese' sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum "Genovese"). This old-world variety has hints of mint and clove, and known for producing authentic tasting Italian dishes.


Genovese basil really does taste different from any other basil you have eaten...
— Luke Pyenson (Boston Globe)

1. Minimal 

Volumetric farming and energy-efficient LEDs mean producing basil without taking up a lot of space. We need 50% fewer inputs, like water, than other farms.

2. Safe

We don't need to use harsh pesticides or herbicides. Our hydroponic medium and system use food-safe materials and plastics are free from Bisphenol A and Polystyrene.

3. Quality

Control over every aspects of how our basil grows means we can produce consistently reliable basil with the flavor and quality that expect (and your patrons will love). 


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